Hand Block Printing

Our hand block printing is carried out by artisans of Rajasthan, India. Using only natural and vegetable dyes, the artisans belong to the Chippa community, we support a cluster of sixteen families who make up the company Bagru Textiles.


The traditional process of hand block printing on textiles, has been practiced in Rajasthan for around 500 years with the use of rich natural dyes. Block printing was introduced to the Jaipur region of Rajasthan by the Chhipa community. The art of block printing has been passed down for generations within families and communities.


Each member of the production team is fairly compensated for their contribution, and 35% of their profits are contributed to the community development.

At Tuuda we are all about supporting communities, particularly those who give back to their community as a whole, creating better living conditions and quality of life.